Your R150 donation feeds someone with nutritious soup & sandwiches.

With your help, we showed that in just 67 minutes and with a whole lot of CT LOVE we were able to do something incredible to feed the hungry in our communities and smash a World Record in the process.

The beautiful people of the Cape made 304 583 sandwiches in an hour. This means that together we have beaten the current record of 107 418 sandwiches set last year in SA. All of them going to feed someone in need.

Help make EVERY day a Mandela Day by donating.
R150 will feed someone every day for a month.

Easy ways you can donate

Everyone has a story. Every year has memories. 
Let’s make 2020 the year we showed our CT Love and changed the COVID-19 story into one of compassion and hope. 
By donating R150 now, you will help to feed someone for a month with nutritious soup and sandwiches. 
Together we can serve 10 million meals and re-write a fellow Capetonian’s story. 
Let’s remember this time, not as one of suffering, but one filled with love. 


We would love you to get involved with Ladles of Love by joining our campaign, together we can do more.

Go to Ladlesoflove.org.za to find out more about our organisation, project, and beneficiaries, or send an email to [email protected]

Email [email protected] if you would like to get involved in our CTloved campaign.